Science and the Bible

Science is tentative. We believe what we see for a short time only to find out later that we were wrong all along.

Then, some time later, the new evidence becomes out researched and proven something completely different.

Science is tentative in its hypothesis of creation. Ever changing, forever questioning, theory.

The Bible in no way is tentative. The Word of God never changes. Written by many different authors from many different time periods but each one pointing to the same facts. God is the creator of the of the Universe. He created everything everywhere.


When we didn’t listen to the creator of the universe and chose to disobey Him, the world became broken. We lost access to God and death was our end, but not His end.


He sent His Son to earth to live a sinless life to pay for our sin, to take the wrath of God upon Himself,  completely broken  and God forsaken. He received death, our end, but rose to life to bring us a new beginning. He gave our access back so we could know God and be known by God.

The untentative, unchanging, forever and always love of God.




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